GerMUN 2017

The German Model United Nations is an annual Conference set up to prepare students for other worldwide Model UNs, such as the NMUN in New York. GerMUN is one of the oldest Model UN Conferences in Germany on an academic level, celebrating its 24th birthday in 2016. It is organized in rotation by the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich, the Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg and the Universities of Trier and Erfurt.

All universities have a long experience with Model UN, which is passed on every year to a new generation of tutors, of which most have already served as staff at the NMUN in New York and other conferences. Hence GerMUN provides delegates with sophisticated staff and sees its main task in a qualitative and time-consuming conference, expecting in return a thorough preparation from all Delegates. The next conference will take place February 24th to 27th in Strausberg near Berlin.

If you have question, please email us at

Committees and topics

GerMUN 2017 will discuss the following committees and topics. The background guides for all topics can be downloaded by clicking on the committee name.

General Assembly

  1. Education in Post-Conflict Situations
  2. Evaluating the Impact of Global Narcotics Drug Control


  1. Addressing Temporary Displacements Due to Outbreaks and Epidemics
  2. Addressing and Adapting to the Effects of Climate Change on the Environment

Security Council

  1. Threats to International Peace and Security Caused by Terrorist Acts
  2. Conflict Prevention and the Empowerment of Women and Girls


Resolution templates online

The templates for the resolutions are online.

Resolutions adopted by the committees

General Assembly
Security Council


Draft resolutions for the three committees

General Assembly
 Security Council


UPDATE: Position papers online

You can find your committees position papers online now. We will upload more PPs as we receive them. They are ordered by committee:

Final conference schedule

A final schedule for the conference is available here:

Please get in touch with us via email if it would create any potential problems for your delegation!

Country assignments

The first round of assignments have been made – but: our General Assembly has still more room and many more interesting countries. You can see all the countries that have been assigned to the GA here – all other Member States can still be requested.

All possible assignments can be viewed here. In order to request assignments, please have your faculty advisor/ head delegates fill out this form and email it to with your delegation’s name as the subject. We are looking to assign countries no later than January 24th. Therefore, we’d like to have your requests by January 20th. Should you not be able to submit your choices by then, please get it in touch with us via email asap and we will find a workaround.

Participation fee

The participation fee for GerMUN 2017 will be 130 Euros per person – for both delegates as well as accompanying head delegates and faculty advisors. The fee covers all costs in Strausberg for accommodation, equipment and food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks in between).

There will also be a bar open in the evenings. Drinks at the bar and other vending machines on site are not included in the participation fee.

The fees must be paid for the delegations as a whole. GerMUN organizers will get in touch with the delegations via their head delegates / faculty advisors. Individual participants will be contacted individually.

Please make sure to transfer your delegation’s total participation fee by February 15th! 

Each delegation will receive an email through their head delegates and faculty advisors to clarify payment and that will give the bank account details.


Position papers

GerMUN invites all delegates to prepare their positions and submit a position paper beforehand. We will make sure that all position papers submitted to the conference will be available online so delegates can use them to better prepare negotiation strategies.

As GerMUN is a NMUN preparation conference, we ask you to adhere to the same guidelines that you can find on their website:

Please submit your position papers (submitted by the head delegate or faculty advisor) to by February 17th, 2017! We aim to post them the same weekend.

Please note that our experienced committee staff will read and award the best position papers that were submitted in each committee.



GerMUN first took place in 1992 in Bad Honnef. Ever since, the location has been changed various times, currently interchangeably held in Berlin and Weimar. At GerMUN, various committees will meet. Each committee has three topics. Background guides and rules of procedure will be available for registered Delegations. Please note that GerMUN does not use the Harvard Model UN rules, hence e.g. yielding the time to the chair is not possible.