Position Papers

Position Papers must to be handed in as a PDF by 16 February 2020 to GerMUN2020@gmail.com. They must be named as Committee_Country, e.g. SC_China. Each country assignment requires one position paper. Please note that plagiarism, including copying from the background guides supplied by GerMUN will not be accepted.


Here you can find a concise overview of the formatting rules for your position papers. An example is provided on the last few pages of the NMUN Position Paper Guide.

  • Length must not exceed two pages
  • Margins must be set at 1 inch or 2.54 cm on all sides
  • Line spacing must be 1.0
  • There must be no more than one blank row in between sections
  • Font must be Arial, 10 pt. size
  • Justify the text so the left and right margins both have straight edges
  • Country and committee name must be clearly labeled on the first page
  • Agenda topics must be clearly labeled in separate sections

Position Paper Download

Security Council


SC_Russian FederationSC_Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, SC_South Africa

SC_TunisiaSC_United States of America

Human Rights Council

HRC_Bahrain, HRC_Brazil, HRC_Democratic Republic of the Congo

HRC_Egypt, HRC_Hungary, HRC_India

HRC_JapanHRC_Peru, HRC_Spain

HRC_United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

General Assembly

GA_Chile, GA_Democratic Republic of the Congo, GA_France

GA_Hungary, GA_India, GA_Ireland

GA_Japan, GA_Jordan, GA_Mexico

GA_Morocco, GA_Peru, GA_Poland

GA_Republic of Korea, GA_Russian Federation, GA_Rwanda

GA_South Africa, GA_Tanzania, GA_United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

GA_United States of America,