Position Papers

Position Papers help delegates draft out their ideas to address the topics at hand. They are also useful to study the proposals of other delegates before the conference begins to explore potentials for common ground early on.

Position Papers must be handed in as a PDF by 15th of February 2024 to GerMUN2024@gmail.com. They must be named as Committee_Country, e.g. SC_China. Each country assignment requires one position paper. Please note that plagiarism, including copying from the Background Guides, will not be accepted.


Here you can find a concise overview of the formatting rules for your position papers. An example is provided on the last two pages of the NMUN Position Paper Guide (courtesy of NMUN NY).

  • Length: must not exceed two pages
  • Margins: set at 2.54 cm for the whole paper
  • Font: Arial, 10 pt. size
  • Justify text for paragraphs on the left and right margins both have straight edges
  • Country and committee name clearly labeled on the first page
  • Agenda topics must be clearly labeled in separate sections
  • National symbols are inappropriate and should NOT be included
  • Submit the Position Paper as a PDF file