Location & Rules

GerMUN 2025 will take place from the 27th February to 2nd March 2025 at the Jugendherberge Berlin-Am Wannsee in Berlin, Germany.

Below you are provided with information that might prove useful on your day of arrival in Berlin and the conference rules. If you are looking for a detailed schedule of the conference, please visit the Conference Schedule page. Any other resources you might need can be found on the Resource page.


Jugendherberge Berlin-Am Wannsee, Badeweg 1, 14129 Berlin

The closest public transport stops are:

  • S-Bahn from Berlin: Nikolassee (Lines S1 and S7) (0,5 km)
  • Bus: Line 2018

We hope this information will be helpful on your day of arrival.


Generally, the NMUN NY conference’s Code of Conduct and the respective Rules of Procedure will apply for GerMUN 2025. Click here for an overview of the points and motions that can be brought forward during committee sessions.

At GerMUN we attach great importance to maintaining a respective and non-discriminatory atmosphere and work environment. All participants are jointly responsible for creating the conditions for open and constructive debates together.

Please be especially reminded of the following:

  • Harassment or discrimination based on gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, physical impairment, age, cultural origin, religious affiliation, disability, or worldview will not be tolerated by the conference and is unacceptable. Any action in violation of this rule may lead to an immediate and expulsion from the conference without compensation.
  • Prewritten Resolutions are equally unacceptable as well as malicious copying from existing UN documents.
  • All clothing must portray professionalism as expected in diplomatic settings. Professional western business attire is expected. It is not appropriate to display any school or national symbols such as flags, pins, crests, etc. on your person during sessions. All UN symbols are acceptable. Traditional dress is permitted only for delegations in whose home countries it is considered professional business dress. NMUN will not tolerate any attempt to portray a character using traditional cultural attire as a costume.
  • Be reminded that we will take and publish pictures of the conference and hence also conference participants. Please contact the conference staff directly to inquire about other options if you don’t want to be included in public conference pictures.

If you notice or encounter any behavior that may be considered to be in violation of the rule above or the code of conduct, please bring it to the attention of the conference staff.