Committees & Topics

At the 2019 GerMUN, we will yet again be simulating a total of three committees. As tradition dictates, two of them will be the General Assembly and the Security Council. This year’s third committee will be the Economic and Social Council. The respective topics to be discussed in each of these three bodies can be found below. The background guides as well as the rules of procedure will be available on the Resources-page.

Security Council
I. Environmental Migration as a Concern for Peace and Security
II. Preventing Violence Towards Refugees and IDPs
III. Partnerships Between the United Nations and Relevant Regional Organizations in Peacekeeping Operations

General Assembly
I. The Role of Emerging Technologies in International Security and Disarmament
II. Improving Mechanisms for Accountability and Transparency within the UN System
III. Intensification of Efforts to Eliminate All Forms of Violence against Women

Economic and Social Council
I. Education in Post-Conflict Situations
II. Implementing SDG 7: Ensure Access to Affordable, Reliable, Sustainable and Modern Energy for All
III. Promoting the Political, Socioeconomic, and Cultural Rights of Indigenous Peoples